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    Packers vs. Jets: Five things to watch
    By Rob Reischel, Special to Packer Plus
    Sept. 9, 2014
    (0) Comments
    Game Preview
    PACKERS (0-1)
    vs. JETS (1-0)
    watches WHEN : 3:25 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 14
    WHERE : Lambeau Field
    TV : CBS
    RADIO : AM-620 and Packers Radio Network affiliates
    swiss replica watches PACKERS : Schedule | Roster | Stats | Depth chart
    JETS : Schedule | Roster | Stats | Depth chart
    MORE COVERAGE : NY Daily News | The New York Times | New York Post
    <a href="http://www.ads-mm.com">breitling replica watches</a> McGINN: Scouting report on the Jets
    INJURY REPORT : At a glance
    PREVIEW : Basics, spotlight | Five things to watch | Position matchups
    PREDICTIONS : Packer Plus
    swiss replica watches NFL: Scores | Standings | Stats | Injuries | Odds
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    Green Bay Packers
    All NFL games
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    1. MAN UP: There is nothing that determines a team's toughness and physicality more than its ability to stop the run. It's caveman football, where simple blocking and tackling rule the day. Green Bay ranked 25th against the run last year, then allowed 207 rushing yards in its season opener. The Jets finished sixth in rushing offense last year, have upgraded their backfield, and ran for 212 yards in their opener. Can the Packers step up, or will their run defense be a season-long sieve?
    2. IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: The Jets don't need great quarterbacking play. Their offensive line is stout. They run the ball. And their front seven on defense is terrific. All they ask of quarterback Geno Smith is to not lose the game. A year ago, that didn't happen enough, as Smith's 21 interceptions were the fourth-most in football. Smith has a big arm and can do a lot of damage outside the pocket. But his days as a starter will be short-lived if he can't limit his mistakes.
    3. WIN SOME, LOSE SOME: Back in 2007, the Packers traded picks No. 47 and 235 in the NFL draft to the Jets for picks 63, 89 and 191. New York used the 47th pick on inside linebacker David Harris, and he's been a model of consistency since, posting 760 career tackles. Green Bay's best player in the deal was running back Brandon Jackson (pick No. 63), who led the team in rushing during the 2010 Super Bowl season. But Aaron Rouse (89) and Korey Hall (191) both flamed out.
    4. SPEED KILLS: The Packers faced speedy Chris Johnson twice when he was a member of the Tennessee Titans. In 2008, Johnson had 89 rushing yards and averaged 3.7 yards per carry in an overtime win. In 2012, Johnson had just 11 carries and 28 yards during a 55-7 Green Bay rout. Johnson, who was once timed at 4.24 seconds in the 40-yard dash, doesn't run that well anymore. But he's still a blazer with 8,000 career rushing yards. Green Bay can't let him loose.
    5. MUST WIN?: It's just Week 2, but the Packers probably want to chew on this stat. Since the NFL expanded to a 12-team playoff format in 1990, only 23 teams (11.6%) have overcome an 0-2 start to reach the postseason. Carolina was the only team to start 0-2 a year that made the playoffs. It's a long season, but history suggests the Packers are in deep trouble with a loss Sunday.
    &copy; 2014 , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved.
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    Get high fashion for less
    April 21, 2014
    Your dream handbag costs you an arm and a leg? Believe it or not, there are ways for you to purchase genuine branded goods for less.
    coach By Balkish Rosly
    coach outlet online The world of fashion is so powerful that one would kill to own the titillating Chanel’s 2.55 or a Proenza Schouler’s PS1. Still, the current price hike and economy woes disturb even the chic-est designer clad fashionista in Malaysia. However, don’t start purchasing knock off just yet! Believe it or not, there are ways for you to purchase genuine branded goods for less.
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    coach outlet online The world ain’t fair but some items are just not made to be within our means. A Birkin bag for example costs an arm, a leg, and possibly two second-hand Perodua Kancil to obtain. Alas, we are not born with money or power to purchase 45 different Birkins to suit our outfits, nor are we blessed with waif-like figures for designers to claim as muse and thus showered with luxurious goods. But worry not, high fashion brands are not made equal either.
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    Nothing gives us more joy than the ability to purchase a tortoise shell Michael Kors watch in our undies. Oh, the World Wide Web, what a splendour! Shopping from home is a luxury in itself; one could experience a cognitive dissonance without the glare of the snooty sales person. Go ahead, ponder on for days and let your mind go through the – I should save money – but I need that RM2,500 bag – Let me just check my account balance – process before finally making the purchase.
    At the top of the list, Reebonz is Malaysia’s go-to online shop when it comes to purchasing a high fashion brand at a concession. Online shoppers’ arch nemesis is counterfeit goods, but the website claims that all of the items they carry are 100% authentic, and they aim to deliver customers purchase within 5 business days. The Gods of high fashion must be smiling down on working class fashionistas, because the website allows purchasers to pay for the goods via instalments. For pop-up sales on bags, shoes and other goods, Singapore’s Clout Shoppe is your online destination. Recently bought over by non-other than Reebonz, Clout Shoppe too offers designer goods at a lesser price. Then, there’s Lussonet , Malaysia’s online shopping club that offers multiple discount deals for a short period of time. Those who would like to branch out could try perusing The Outnet.com , the high fashion-focused Net-a-Porter’s outlet site.
    Tip: Clueless about bags and worried about knock-offs? Head on to Purse blog for more information on counterfeit goods and how to spot the fake.
    Visit the stores
    While lounging around in our undies is heavenly, there’s nothing more orgasmic then witnessing arrays upon arrays of luxurious goods before our very eyes. So get dressed fashionistas, because we’re going shopping! The destination is Johor Premium Outlet, a one-stop shopping haven for brand conscious shoppers to scoop up designer items for less. The collections available are almost never current, but hey it’s better than nothing when you’re on a budget.
    Too stingy to splurge but dying to adorn a high fashion something on your body? Then warehouse sale is your answer. The queue is lengthy, the visitors crazy, but the goods are sold cheaply. If this is up your alley, then try subscribing to websites like Big Sale for alerts on designer warehouse sales. Or else, shopaholics could always continue biting those freshly manicured nails while waiting for the departmental stores to hang the Sale sign.
    Accost a friend
    Well, not literally but if you do have travelling friends or those working on airplanes – you could ask them to get the goods for you from overseas. Put your best face forward and make a request, or else nag them until they said yes.
    Alternatively, there are individuals who offer to purchase high fashion brands (usually US brands) for you. Famous trustworthy buyers include Princess Victoria Stylo, who received rave reviews for her reliable and speedy service. However, be a savvy fashionista and take precaution when dealing with strangers. The last thing you need is to be duped thousands of dollars by a leech online.
    Lastly, brand conscious buyers could always grab a re-loved (it’s a much better term than ‘pre-loved! As if your love for those Chanel slingbacks can ever be a thing of the past) designer piece to call their own! There is no shame in wearing a vintage second hand iconic Burberry tweed jacket. If anything, it will further elevate your cool status. For vintage lovers, eBay never disappoints. Locally, Scoop at Plaza Damas offers a plethora of salivating pre-loved designer bags to stimulate one’s eyes. From Aigner to Hermes, Scoop has it covered! A friend of our staff also picked up a gorgeous vintage genuine Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent sling bag for RM200 each at the Amcorp Mall’s weekly bazaar. Enough talking, let’s go shopping!
    Balkish Rosly is an Investigative Journalist of SaveMoney.my , an online consumer advice portal which aims to help Malaysians save money through smart (and most of the time painless) savings in their daily banking, technology, and lifestyle spending habits.
    Readers are required to have a valid Facebook account to comment on this story. We welcome your opinions to allow a healthy debate. We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others. Please be polite and do not use swear words or crude or sexual language or defamatory words. FMT also holds the right to remove comments that violate the letter or spirit of the general commenting rules.

    The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of FMT.
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    PKR needs revamp, says No 2 hopeful
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    SaveMoney.my , special
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    Nike Reportedly Exiting the Wearable Hardware Game
    April 21, 2014 2:45 PM
    Content preferences
    nike nike tennis shoes As the wearable fitness space becomes more and more crowded, it looks like Nike is bowing out of the hardware race altogether.cheap nike shoes On Friday, CNET reported that the sportswear company had fired the majority of the team responsible for developing Nike FuelBand , the Nike's fitness wrist tracker, and would not be releasing a new iteration of the product.<a href="http://www.pawsinplayboston.com">nike air max</a> While the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment, it told CNET on Saturday that*"The Nike+ FuelBand SE remains an important part of our business. We will continue to improve the Nike+ FuelBand App, launch new METALUXE colors, and we will sell and support the Nike+ FuelBand SE for the foreseeable future," while acknowledging “a small number of layoffs," but remained mute on whether or not it plans to a release a new version of its wrist tracker.cheap nike shoes This pivot from hardware to software could be a smart move for the Portland, Ore.-based company, especially if a collaboration with Apple is in the works (Apple's CEO Time Cook sits on Nike's board, after all, and has publicly sported Nike's FuelBand ). If the much-buzzed about Apple iWatch ever comes to fruition, one can easily see how a Nike software partnership could benefit both companies.nike shoes on sale Nike, apparently, can see it too. "Partnering with industry-leading tech companies is nothing new for Nike," a company spokesperson told CNET. "We have been working with Apple to develop products since 2006, when we introduced Nike+ Running, and Nike has since created iOS Apps including Nike+ Training Club, Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ Move." Related:* Gadgets, Apps, Video Games and Social Media: All Things Tech With Veronica Belmont
    More From Entrepreneur
    OK, You Can Sue Us: General Mills Scraps Controversial Terms of Service Updates
    Game On: Apple and Google Turn Up the Heat in the Mobile Gaming 'Arms Race'
    Just Add Water: Powdered Alcohol Approved by the U.S. Government
    Consumer Discretionary Business Nike
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    KKR Sets Sights on Europe With New Fund Targeting EUR3 Billion
    Public Markets Are A Risky Option For Some Private Equity Firms
    Fundraising Deal-making Mid-market Exits private equity
    12:44 pm ET Apr 25, 2014
    Public Markets Are A Risky Option For Some Private Equity Firms
    Carlyle Group Cinven Permira TPG Capital
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    Commentary By Ayesha Javed
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">moncler</a></strong> Getting exits done in the public markets has been particularly popular amid optimism and investor appetite. But IPOs can be a risky option for many private equity firms.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">outlet moncler</a></strong> Not only does a public exit rely on favorable market conditions at the time of listing, but it also relies on the continued strong performance of the stock to enable firms to sell their residual positions down at a later date.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">moncler boots for men</a></strong> There are also reputational issues to take into account. Speaking to Private Equity News, Marco De Benedetti, co-head of Europe at Carlyle Group , said that having a strong track record of IPOs was important for future listings of other portfolio companies. He added that portfolio companies’ reputations could also suffer if stocks underperform.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">outlet moncler</a></strong> London-listed annuity providers Partnership Assurance , which was taken public by Cinven in June 2013 and Just Retirement , which was floated in November by Permira, both suffered a massive blow to their share prices after U.K. Chancellor George Osborne outlined plans to reform pensions in the budget in March this year.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">moncler sale</a></strong> Meanwhile, Russian hypermarket group Lenta, listed by TPG Capital earlier this year, saw a drop in its share price amid concerns over tensions in Ukraine.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.somonclerjacket.com">moncler outlet online</a></strong> “There are clearly some macroeconomic trends with volatility in the market and a sense that there is more to come with Crimea,” said one private equity executive.*”When you are holding quoted paper it makes you vulnerable to that.”</p>
    <p>Mr. De Benedetti attributes the success of Carlyle’s recent IPOs to preparation. “Companies have to be prepared for an IPO. If you just wake up and list something because you read in the Financial Times that the market is hot I guarantee you’ll be too late. For companies that we take to the IPO market we prepare for one to two years.”</p>
    <p>Carlyle has listed portfolio companies including fashion group Moncler and cable operator Numericable, the largest IPOs in Italy and France respectively. The firm is also gearing up for a listing of Spanish materials testing group Applus.</p>
    <p>But not every firm has been so successful. “We’ve seen a number of companies [in the market] float that were probably not ready and we have seen the results after the fact. It’s not luck that one IPO goes wrong and one doesn’t,” said Mr. De Benedetti. “We are very conscious of the fact that the market is very volatile. Markets open and shut. We know by definition that it’s a very volatile window.”</p>
    <p>With the IPO market being so volatile it’s no surprise that opting for an M&amp;A process, particularly when running a dual track process, is becoming more popular.</p>
    <p>Corporates are flush with cash, have access to cheap credit and are in need of growth: for these strategic players, M&amp;A is a preferred option. If they can get involved with competitive processes quickly enough, we may see more exits to trade buyers.</p>
    <p> (This commentary also appeared in Private Equity News, a U.K. trade publication owned by Dow Jones &amp; Co.) </p>
    <p> Write to Ayesha Javed at ayesha.javed@ </p>
    Carlyle Group Cinven Permira TPG Capital
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    next Fact Check: Does Private Equity Kill Jobs?
    Private Equity Beat HOME PAGE
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    Sting nabs Port St. Lucie man accused of selling fake Rolex watches
    By Jan Lindsey
    Posted April 3, 2014 at 12:44 p.m.
    Robert Henry Kidd
    Photo by provided by St. Lucie County She
    provided by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office
    St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputies seized fake Rolexes during an arrest Thursday, April 3, 2014, in Port St. Lucie.
    PORT ST. LUCIE — A Port St. Lucie man was arrested Wednesday evening after he allegedly sold fake name-brand watches to a St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputy and a private investigator in a Walmart parking lot.</p>
    Robert Henry Kidd, 31, of the 1600 block of Grapeland Avenue Southeast, was charged with selling counterfeit brand-name goods, according to police documents. He was released from the St. Lucie County Jail on Thursday after posting a $15,000 bond.</p>
    Rolex contacted a private investigator in Miami after spotting an ad for “Rolex” watches posted on Craigslist. The investigator used phone calls and text messages to arrange to buy three watches from Kidd for $260 at 6 p.m. Wednesday outside the Walmart in the 10000 block of South U.S. 1, police said.</p>
    An undercover St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputy accompanied the investigator to the sale and deputies made the arrest after Kidd sold the deputy four of the eight fake Rolex and Heuer watches he had brought with him for $340, according to an arrest affidavit. Had they been real, the watches would have been worth $95,500.</p>
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.x3management.com">watches</a></strong>
    &copy; 2014 TCPalm. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
    <p><strong><a href="http://www.x3management.com">replica omega watches</a></strong> </p>
    Also in Fort Pierce
    John Dimola files to run for Port St. Lucie City Council
    Port St. Lucie man charged with child abuse after baby's leg broken
    Armed man holds up couple Saturday at Port St. Lucie church
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    Police report: Indian River County driver who hit teen girl mistook school bus for 'farm equipment'
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    Published 4/28/2014 at 4:00 a.m. 19 comments
    College signing: Softball player Margaret Martzolf
    Published 4/23/2014 at 6:08 p.m. 1 comment
    Cabo Flats will open its 3rd location in Stuart
    Published 4/23/2014 at 4:24 p.m. 1 comment
    Here come the Blue Angels
    Published 4/23/2014 at 12:19 a.m. 0 comments
    Castaways Gastropub in Jensen Beach to offer good beer, food and conversation
    Published 4/24/2014 at 12:20 p.m. 2 comments
    Irvine Nugent, well-loved retired pastor of St. Helen Catholic Church in Vero Beach, dies at 85
    Published 4/22/2014 at 11:31 a.m. 6 comments
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    Mostly Cloudy Thunderstorms
    Temp: 85&deg;
    Thu 02:00 AM
    Partly Cloudy
    Temp: 77&deg;
    Thu 02:00 PM
    Mostly Cloudy Thunderstorms
    Temp: 85&deg;
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    <p>Humidity: 79%</p>
    <p>Precip: 15%</p>
    <p>Feels Like: 90&deg;</p>
    <p>Humidity: 63%</p>
    <p>Precip: 33%</p>
    Breathtaking View
    9:40 p.m.
    Purple Sky
    12:48 a.m.
    Boca Raton Sunrise
    7:14 p.m.
    Cloud Formation in Deefield Beach
    2:34 p.m.
    Cloud Formation in Deerfield Beach
    2:32 p.m.
    Atomic Sunset
    9:28 a.m.
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    Pre-school Tennis Course Halpatiokee Regional Park
    5 p.m.
    Beginner Tennis Course Halpatiokee Regional Park
    5:30 p.m.
    Beginner Tennis Course Halpatiokee Regional Park
    6:30 p.m.
    Beginner Tennis Course Halpatiokee Regional Park
    7:30 p.m.
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